One provision of HB 1042 was the development of a reverse transfer policy to increase the number of associate degrees for eligible students. Several one-to-one agreements existed; however, common guidelines, policies and technology pathways can significantly streamline the process for institutions and students.


Statewide policy


Missouri Revised Statutes (HB 1042)

173.005.1 (8) The coordinating board shall develop a policy to foster reverse transfer for any student who has accumulated enough hours in combination with at least one public higher education institution in Missouri that offers an associate degree and one public four-year higher education institution in the prescribed courses sufficient to meet the public higher education institution's requirements to be awarded an associate degree. The department of elementary and secondary education shall maintain the alignment of the assessments found in section 160.518 and successor assessments with the competencies previously established under this subdivision for entry-level collegiate courses in English, mathematics, foreign language, sciences, and social sciences associated with an institution's general education core

Building on existing one-to-one agreements, the MDHE and public and independent 2- and 4-year institutions from both public and independent sectors have launched the Missouri Reverse Transfer Initiative. To assist in these efforts, the MDHE has received funding from the Lumina Foundation to develop a statewide communication and technology infrastructure to foster reverse transfer.

Key institutional stakeholders to become representatives on the Missouri Reverse Transfer Initiative Steering Committee, which will oversee implementation of the reverse transfer policy.

MRTI Steering Committee Members

Brenda Selman, Chair University of Missouri System
Terrence Andrews Maryville University
Kristy Bishop Metropolitan Community College
Susan Bracciano Missouri Western State University
Kelli Burns Institutional Research and Planning
Tery Donelson

Columbia College

Kim Harvey Jefferson College
Melissa Hattman University of Missouri - St. Louis
Cynthia Heider Missouri Western State University
Rusty Monhollon Missouri Department of Higher Education
Beverly Schenkel Northwest Missouri State University
Vicki Schwinke Linn State Technical College
Tyson Schank Metropolitan Community College
Larry Westermeyer University of Missouri - St. Louis
Dixie Williams Missouri State University


Part of the Steering Committee's charge includes the oversight of Work Groups assigned to 5 main components of the scale-up effort.

  1. Policy
  2. IT / Operations
  3. Implementation
  4. Data / Evaluation
  5. Communications