Decision Day

The goal of Decision Day is to celebrate high school seniors' postsecondary education plans and encourage younger students to prepare early for college. Decision Day is held annually on or around May 1 and is designed to coincide with the date by which most students must inform a college of their plans to enroll.


Participating in Decision Day


If your high school or organization is interested in participating in Decision Day in April or May 2018, you may register your school by submitting an online 2017-18 Journey to College site registration form now through August 25, 2017. You may use this form to register to host Apply Missouri, FAFSA Frenzy, and/or Decision Day during the 2017-18 academic year. 


Need more time to complete your registration? Follow these steps to save and complete your registration at a later date.


Need to make a change to your registration after you submit it? Complete this form to request change(s).

Materials and resources available

The 2017-18 site coordinator Resource Manual is now available for all three Journey to College programs. Download the entire manual or find Decision Day-specific electronic templates, flyers, and forms at Site coordinators may also order indoor/outdoor banners, print materials, and other supplies to help plan and host a successful Decision Day celebration. Supplies will be available for ordering online over the summer of 2017.



Why host Decision Day?

In 2016, Missouri launched an official statewide campaign to help all Missouri high schools plan college decision celebrations to support students in reaching their educational goals.

Decision Day events:


  • Recognize all students for their postsecondary plans
  • Encourage and remind students that it is time to make a decision
  • Support the best match and college fit for each student
  • Build excitement among younger students as they prepare for college
  • Foster a college-going culture
  • End the school year with a celebration

Expectations of host sites

Although each school may organize an event that meets the needs of the school and its students, there are a few expectations for official Decision Day sites.

  • Recognize all students for their postsecondary plans, including plans to attend a vocational tech, two- or four-year college or university, enter the military, or pursue other postsecondary training.
  • Include the entire student body in the celebration.
  • Register your site for 2017-18.
  • After your event concludes, report your data using the short and simple online Decision Day Site Coordinator survey.

Promoting a college-going culture


The following ideas can be used to help promote a college-going culture at your school:


  • Encourage college talk: engage everyone in talk about college to ensure that no matter where students turn or who they are talking to, college is being discussed. Ask questions “where are you going to college?” or "what are your plans after high school?" of all students.

  • Define clear expectations: communicate and reinforce the belief that all students can attend college.

  • Connect students to relevant and necessary information and resources to officially enroll in college. Provide guidance to students who haven’t yet applied or been admitted to college

  • Support students through the college test preparation and exam process. Discuss what to expect with college placement exams and how performance tests may impact their college experience.

  • Engage educators to promote a college-going culture among students. Encourage all teachers and staff to be part of Decision Day celebrations inside and outside the classroom.

  • Engage family members to increase the chances of student success in the college preparation, application and enrollment process.

  • Develop relationships between schools and postsecondary institutions to support the official enrollment process and transition to college.

  • Weave in college access throughout a student’s life, starting at the earliest possible point and supporting the student all the way through high school graduation (and beyond). Don’t forget to engage younger students and families in college planning activities to help them learn more about what it takes to officially enroll in college. An example of an activity is a college preparation fair for younger students and their parents.


Decision Day could be an emotional time for students; positive emotions celebrating student success and possible negative emotions for students who may not have been accepted to their top college of choice. Be as supportive and encouraging as possible.