The following information and links provide information to individuals and institutions that want to offer postsecondary education in Missouri, schools currently approved to operate, and students and prospective students.

The central focus of the Proprietary School Certification Program is consumer protection. This is accomplished through the establishment of standards for school operation and monitoring of those operations to ensure students are treated in a fair and equitable manner and receive education and training consistent with the published objectives of the instructional programs and the school.


Certain types of postsecondary education providers must be approved to operate by the MDHE. The MDHE's Proprietary School Certification Program is responsible for the oversight activities involved in this approval process. Use the links below and on the right to access the most commonly used pages, including how to apply for initial certification.


Interested in Starting a New School?

If you are interested in starting a new school based in Missouri, click here for information and a link to EDvera, our online workflow system.


Currently certified schools may also review the EDvera page for information about the system and to access the user manual.


Information for Students


Anthem College

Brown Mackie College - St. Louis

Everest College

Heritage College

ITT Technical Institute

Missouri College

Missouri Tech

Wentworth Military Academy


Transcript Information

The Proprietary School Certification Program strives to maintain information on closed schools in Missouri. In some instances, the Department maintains the actual records although it make no claims for having records in their entirety. Click here for information on how to request a copy of your transcript.


Information for CDL Schools

The Department of Revenue (DOR) is implementing new standards for Commercial Driver's License (CDL) testing and for the Commercial Learner Permit (CLP).  Schools offering or seeking to offer CDL programs must ensure policies meet or exceed the minimum guidelines established by DOR. Failure to meet minimum standards may result in denial of these programs by the MDHE.  Please click here for information.


Information for CNA, CMT, and L1MA Schools

Schools offering or seeking to offer programs in Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Certified Medication Technician (CMT), Level 1 Medication Aide (L1MA), or Insulin Administration must meet specific guidelines established by the Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS). Failure to meet criteria for approval as a training agency will result in denial of these programs by the MDHE.  Please click here for information.

About Proprietary Schools

Consumer information about this sector of education, including a closed school FAQ and information on how to choose a school.


Explanation of what accreditation is and information about a number of recognized accrediting commissions.

Diploma Mills

Information about substandard educational entities and tips about how to avoid being deceived by such organizations and links to listings of accredited institutions in the United States and recognized institutions in Canada.

Colleges and Degrees

Information about a Missouri postsecondary education institution or programs offered in Missouri.

Getting Started as a School in Missouri

Any school or training facility that is not specifically exempted from the law must be certified to operate to offer instruction, grant certificates or degrees, or recruit students in the state of Missouri. In order to comply with this requirement, schools must apply for exemption from or certification to operate under the proprietary school regulations. It is important to note that proprietary as contained in the program title is somewhat of a misnomer as profit-making status is not a primary factor in determining if a school is subject to the certification requirements.

Certification Process Overview

Explanation of certification to operate and a brief overview of the process to become certified to operate.

Initial Certification

This link is for individuals or schools wanting to become certified to operate. It will take you to more detailed information about becoming certified to operate in Missouri, including how to request an application and access to other related resources.

Operating Standards

This link will take you to an overview of the standards established by the MDHE for certification to operate. While primarily applicable to applicant and currently operating schools, this information may also be of interest to students and parents.


Certain types of schools are not subject to the certification program requirements. Exemption, as this status is called, must be granted by the MDHE based on the submission of an application. This link takes you to a more detailed explanation of the exemption process and eligibility criteria.

Monitor School Operations

Proprietary School Certification Program staff conduct regular on-site evaluations of schools. These evaluations include interviews with faculty and staff, observation of classes and school operations, surveys of students and graduates, and reviews of institutional and student records.

Substantive Changes Reporting

This section provides access to information about how to report and the necessary forms for reporting a variety of changes at the school.

Public Information Resources

To assist prospective students and their parents in making informed choices about educational institutions, the Proprietary School Certification Program provides a variety of public information resources about the schools that are certified to operate.

Missouri Business Portal

The state's business portal provides information about other requirements for starting a business in missouri such as registration, filings, licenses, and permits required by other agencies.


This is a small business resource for the state of Missouri. MOSourceLink provides a monthly newsletter highlighting tips and trends to help small businesses.

Statistical Summary: Proprietary Sector of Missouri Postsecondary Education

Data tables reporting student and institutional information about the characteristics, scope, and economic impact of this sector.