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EDvera Web Shorts (short videos on completing documents in EDvera)

Recertification 2019-2020

What Is EDvera (and Why Are We Changing)?


Interested in Starting a New School?


MDHE staff have developed an EDvera User Manual for Schools Seeking Initial Certification for use in accessing and navigating the EDvera system.


Click this link to the EDvera Sign In Page - https://mo.edvera.com.


Schools seeking inital certification to operate in Missouri must first select the "New User" button and complete the online email form that will pop up on the bottom right of the screen. A general overview of the certification process is available here.


EDvera for Currently Certified Schools


If you have credentials for the EDvera system, you may log in here - https://mo.edvera.com.


MDHE staff have developed an EDvera User Manual for Certified Schools to assist in preparing and submitting required documents.


EDvera Web Shorts - Webcasts for New and Current Schools

New and current schools users should watch the following webinars and review the User Manuals to become more familiar with the EDvera system and its various documents.







Recertification 2019-2020

The recertification window is open for the 2019-2020 recertification year.  Schools certified to operate in Missouri may begin recertification now; schools certified to recruit in Missouri must wait until all recertification dcouments are live in EDvera.  The MDHE will notify schools when all documents are live.


The recertification deadline for schools operating in Missouri is Friday, March 15, 2019.  Schools certified to recruit in Missouri will have the deadline extended.


Below are links to short videos on the four documents required for Missouri certified schools (recruit schools will not have the Annual Student Financial Assistance document).  As a reminder, main locations (those whose DHE Code end in -00) must complete all four documents; branch locations need only complete the Recertification Application and the Annual Statement of Enrollments, Completions, and Employment.  Remember, branch campus Annual Student Financial Assistance information and Annual Income and Expense information must be combined with the main location data and submitted as part of the main campus recertification.


The Program Inventory Nonsubstantive Change Form is for changes to tuition, fees, and books and supplies and for non-substantive changes to the program.  Complete the form then upload into the Comments section of the Recertification Application.



What is EDvera?

EDvera is a cloud-based workflow system developed by Cyanna Education Services.  A cloud-based system allows access to your school’s information from anywhere with an internet connection.


The workflow aspect lets the system direct and automate the progress of inquiries and submissions.  For example, if you are completing an application for initial certification you would be able to examine the data and documents in the system to determine exactly where you are in the process and, once the application has been submitted, you will be able to track where the department is in the review and evaluation of your request.


EDvera is a SAAS – or Software as a Service – product, meaning the MDHE has contracted with Cyanna Education Services, the developer of the software, to adjust the EDvera template to fit Missouri’s needs.  Several other states use their own version of EDvera, including Kansas and Ohio; the accrediting agency ACCET also uses the system to manage their accredited schools’ documents.


Why is Missouri switching to this system?


The purpose of Missouri’s EDvera system is to meet the department’s statutory requirement to provide a system to electronically submit all data as well as provide a more efficient document management system for schools and for the Proprietary School Certification program.  We also believe this will help not only the department but also schools in saving time and money in the application process.


Does my school have to switch to EDvera instead of sending in paper documents?

Yes.  All schools certified to operate in Missouri must begin using the EDvera system for all applications and program requests.


Schools certified to recruit and exempt institutions will continue to use the paper process.  The department expects to bring recruit schools into the EDvera system shortly.