2017 Annual Data Survey for Schools Operating with a Two-Year Certificate of Approval

NOTE: The Annual Data Survey is restricted to those schools currently operating under a two-year certificate of approval.  All other schools seeking recertification must complete the appropriate application.

The complete survey is available in two formats.  The Microsoft Word version is for schools that wish to complete the survey electronically then print it.  The PDF version is for schools that wish to print the blank survey and complete by hand or via typewriter.


Form 200

Form 200

Data Forms

In addition to the complete survey, all data forms are available as separate files. Below are the individual forms for the 2017 Annual Data Survey (DHE 200).

Program Inventory - Item 3

Continuing Education Program Inventory - Item 3a

Personnel Data - Item 4

Financial Statement

Student Financial Aid Awarded by Source (DHE 14-P)

Enrollment, Completion, and Employment (DHE 27-P)

Exhibit One - Administrative Personnel