With more than 800 occupations to consider, choosing a career can be a challenge. To help with this decision, the Missouri Department of Economic Development issued a report, Missouri Career Grades 2014-2024, that shows which occupations have the best outlook over the next several years. Occupations are graded A through C with grades based on a combination of job openings, percent growth and average wages of an occupation. The complete report can be found at http://www.missourieconomy.org/occupations/index.stm


Grade A careers

  • The best outlook with average or above projected growth rates, total openings and wages when compared to all occupations in Missouri.


Grade B careers

  • Account for the largest number of current Missouri workers and are projected to produce the largest number of total openings from 2010 to 2020.


Grade C careers

  • Represent a large portion of Missouri’s current workforce and are expected to experience a smaller than average growth during the projected period.



Before choosing a career:

  • Think about the type of education or training required for your chosen career. Do your research and decide on a major or program you can stick with. Changing your course of study will increase the time it takes to finish school and, in turn, the cost of your education.
  • Use the Missouri Department of Higher Education’s College and Degree Search.
  • Consider the total cost of your educational program compared to the potential salary you will earn. Keep your future salary in mind when deciding what you can afford to borrow (and repay) in student loans while attending school.