DRAFT 2 (11-13-08)

These values have been developed and refined by the "Next Steps" Group formed to clarify goals and direction after the first LAMP meeting on October 17, 2008. Note that these principles are not meant as principles of assessment, but are meant to form the foundational principles on which LAMP's work will proceed.

  1. We want all institutions and sectors (e.g. secondary, postsecondary public, private, two-year, four-year) to be engaged in the process of making LAMP policy recommendations to the Commissioner
  2. We acknowledge the opportunity for assessment to support accountability to our various publics
  3. We value the mission and autonomy of each postsecondary institution
  4. The primary purposes of assessment are to improve student learning, enhance curriculum development and instructional delivery, and support institutional continuous improvement
  5. We recognize the existing assessment work in the state and will seek to build on that foundation where possible
  6. We strive to reduce duplication of effort in assessment
  7. We seek a collegial process for sharing assessments, best practices, and benchmarking for improvement
  8. We focus on aspirational goals
  9. We value using assessments to accomplish seamless educational transitions
  10.  We acknowledge the responsibility for assessment to respond to existing legislation