Important Documents

LAMP Primer LAMP June 11th, 2009 Status Report

Note: Effective 9/9/10, LAMP merged into the Committee on Curriculum and Assessment

Learning Assessment in Missouri Postsecondary Education (LAMP) Advisory Council was created to consider statewide issues surrounding learning assessment in Missouri and to make policy recommendations to the Commissioner of Higher Education. LAMP is a voluntary group comprised of assessment professionals, administrators, and faculty from all postsecondary sectors (public and independent, two- and four-year), as well as administrators and educators from the K-12 sector. This multi-faceted approach allows for collaboration between institutions in answering calls for accountability while recognizing the integral role of institutions in statewide assessment decisions.

Consensus on student learning assessment issues support multiple state-level priorities and address accompanying areas of policy, including the statewide coordinated plan, Imperatives for Change: Building a Higher Education System for the 21st Century, recently approved by the Missouri Coordinating Board for Higher Education (CBHE), and the Curriculum Alignment Initiative, driven by Senate Bill 389.

LAMP is co-chaired by representatives of the different post-secondary educational sectors with years of leadership in student learning assessment, academic program development and institutional planning.

LAMP Representatives

Rita Gulstad — Central Methodist University
Jeff Lashley — Moberly Area Community College
Michael Strait — University of Missouri Kansas City

DHE Staff Liasons

Rusty Monhollon