The Missouri High School Graduates Performance Report is prepared by the Department of Higher Education as a strategic resource for linking high school performance to college success. For colleges and universities, the report provides data to identify high school graduates who meet the institution's admission requirements. For high schools, the report can be used as a guidance and counseling tool to assess how well their graduates are prepared for the college of their choice

The report tracks Missouri public high school graduates entering the state's public two- and four-year postsecondary institutions as first-time freshmen in the fall semester following high school graduation.

In accordance with Section 173.750, RsMO, the Missouri High School Graduates Performance Report provides information to individual high schools, and is disaggregated by race and gender. No data identifying individual students are included. The governing statute is available in its entirety at The report includes:

  • Grade point average after the initial year in college
  • Percent of students returning to college after the first and second semester
  • Percent of students taking remedial courses in the basic academic subjects of English, mathematics, or reading
  • Other data as determined by rule and regulation of the Coordinating Board for Higher Education

Currently, data comprising the report are drawn solely from student data provided annually by in-state public colleges and universities; no data are currently included in the report from either the state's private institutions, or by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

The report consists of three tables:

All these tables are listed by school name and code (ACT/DHE and DESE district-building codes. For the purpose of protecting individual privacy, no statistics are reported in cases involving fewer than 5 students.

Interactive Visualization - Remediation

This section of the Missouri High School Graduates Performance Report focuses on the percentage of students who graduate from Missouri public high schools and enroll in one or more remedial course(s) at one of Missouri’s public colleges and universities. Data are consistent with information on remediation reported in Table 1, above.



The interactive infographic allows users to explore remedial education trends by year, county, school, and subject.  Simply select a county from the list or interactive map to see county percentages and individual schools' percentages by remedial subject. It may take a few seconds for the county to load, or to change the selection by clicking another county in the list or on the map.


You can also select or search for a school by name to see trend data by year and remedial subject. Searching a school will search within selected counties, however, so it’s best to search for schools with no counties selected.


To reset the infographic, simply re-select the county, county name, school name, or clear the search bar; one may also select “reset” or “undo” at the bottom of the graphic.


NOTE: Counties are color-coded for total remedial enrollment by year and subject area, but the statewide scale beneath the map will change if the year or subject area is changed. So, a county's color will be relative only to other counties in the same map, not to the same county in a different year or for a different subject.


Annual Summaries

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