The Credit Transfer Guidelines for Student Transfer and Articulation Among MO Colleges and Universities outlines the makeup and duties of COTA. COTA developed, and Missouri public and independent signatories implemented, this policy is order to ensure that high school and college students complete their chosen degree programs in the shortest time possible when a student moves from one institution to another. The policy also describes the appeal process that may be initiated by the student or the institution. You may also be interested in viewing the Principles of Good Practice for Transfer and Articulation.

Transfer students should read the MDHE publication, Transfer Students-Rights & Responsibilities.

Answers to frequently asked questions about COTA, transfer students and transfer credits are available at the COTA and Transfer FAQs page. For information on a specific institution and credit transfer see below.

Credit Transfer and Specific Institutions

Use the links below to find out more about transferring to a specific institution.