Higher Education Funding Task Force Case Statement

Invest in public higher education today,

Assure the success of Missouri tomorrow

Missouri public higher education institutions …

Educate Missourians to compete and succeed in the 21st century

Missouri’s public colleges and universities promote access, affordability, and accountability. They educate citizens of all ages to compete in today’s international knowledge-based economy. This is especially true in such critical areas as mathematics, engineering, technology, and science.

Make Missouri an even better place to live now and in the future

Public higher education promotes personal growth and citizenship. Missouri’s graduates strengthen our democracy. They are more productively employed, economically independent, and likely to volunteer, vote, and stay healthy. Further, Missouri’s public colleges and universities add to the quality of life of our communities through the arts, entertainment, and other cultural initiatives.

Fuel the state’s economic engine for the benefit of all Missourians

Public higher education meets statewide needs and generates economic development. Our public colleges and universities make vital contributions to Missouri’s economic growth through investments in education, research, job training, and service. Public higher education also serves as a catalyst to attract and retain high paying jobs created by business and industry.