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Program Name_______________________________________________

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(Although all of the following guidelines may not be applicable to the proposed program, please carefully consider the elements in each area and respond as completely as possible in the format below. Quantification of performance goals should be included wherever possible.)

Student Preparation

  • Any special admissions procedures or student qualifications required for this program which exceed regular university admissions, standards, e.g., ACT score, completion of core curriculum, portfolio, personal interview, etc. Please note if no special preparation will be required.
  • Characteristics of a specific population to be served, if applicable.

Faculty Characteristics

  • Any special requirements (degree status, training, etc.) for assignment of teaching for this degree/certificate.
  • Estimated percentage of credit hours that will be assigned to full time faculty. Please use the term "full time faculty" (and not FTE) in your descriptions here.
  • Expectations for professional activities, special student contact, teaching/learning innovation.

Enrollment Projections

  • Student FTE majoring in program by the end of five years.
  • Percent of full time and part time enrollment by the end of five years.

Student and Program Outcomes

  • Number of graduates per annum at three and five years after implementation.
  • Special skills specific to the program.
  • Proportion of students who will achieve licensing, certification, or registration.
  • Performance on national and/or local assessments, e.g., percent of students scoring above the 50th percentile on normed tests; percent of students achieving minimal cut-scores on criterion-referenced tests. Include expected results on assessments of general education and on exit assessments in a particular discipline as well as the name of any nationally recognized assessments used.
  • Placement rates in related fields, in other fields, unemployed.
  • Transfer rates, continuous study.

Program Accreditation

  • Institutional plans for accreditation, if applicable, including accrediting agency and timeline. If there are no plans to seek specialized accreditation, please provide reasons.

Alumni and Employer Survey

  • Expected satisfaction rates for alumni, including timing and method of surveys
  • Expected satisfaction rates for employers, including timing and method of surveys