The Coordinating Board for Higher Education has statutory responsibility to approve both the establishment of residence centers and the off-site delivery of existing programs, while also having the authority to monitor course delivery at instructional sites. (RSMo 173.005.2(4); 6 CSR 10-4.010; 6 CSR 10-6.020) MDHE began compiling an inventory of all off-campus sites to align its records with those of the institutions. In February 2014, MDHE submitted an off-campus sites list for CBHE approval. The following locations have now been verified and are now added to the approved CBHE Inventory of Off-Campus Instructional Sites. Additional off-campus sites will be added to the CBHE-Approved Inventory of Off-campus Sites only after MDHE staff has reviewed and the CBHE has approved the request.  


Approved List By Institution

Two-Year Institutions
Four-Year Institutions
Crowder College Harris-Stowe State University
East Central College Lincoln University
Jefferson College Missouri Southern State University
Metropolitan Community College Missouri State University
Mineral Area College Missouri University of Science & Technology
Missouri State University-West Plains Missouri Western State University
Moberly Area Community College Northwest Missouri State University
North Central Missouri College Southeast Missouri State University
Ozarks Technical Community College Truman State University
St. Louis Community College University of Central Missouri
St. Charles Community College University of Missouri-Columbia
State Fair Community College University of Missouri-Kansas City
State Technical College University of Missouri-St. Louis
Three Rivers College  

The table below summarizes the three types of off-campus locations identified in CBHE policy, which apply to both two-year and four-year public institutions:


Types of Off-Campus Locations Requiring CBHE Approval
Residence Center Administrative presence; courses offered each semester; can deliver either courses or programs approved at the main campus
Off-site delivery of existing program Program-level instruction (program approved at the main campus)
External or Instructional Site Course-level instruction, including dual credit; less than 50% of any program


Proposals for all types of off-campus (off-site, instructional, residence) locations must be submitted according to the calendar for submission and review of academic programs: 


MDHE must receive the proposal by: For a program proposal to be considered for approval
at the CBHE meeting in:
July 1 September
October 1 December
December 1 February
February 1 April
April 1 June

The proposal timeline corresponds to the academic calendar as follows:

MDHE must receive proposals by: For program proposals to be considered for approval for the following academic terms:
October 1 Spring Semester
February 1 Summer Semester
April 1 Fall Semester


Submitting Proposals for new residence centers

A residence center is a location separate from the main campus of a four-year institution or outside the taxing district of a two-year institution, and which has an on-site administrative presence and offers courses every semester.  Not all of a program has to be offered at a particular site for it to be considered a residence center.  A copy of MDHE criteria for the approval of residence sites may be found at:


Sample Proposal for Residence Site


Submitting Proposals for new off-site/instructional site locations 

An off-site location (referred to in policy as "Off-Site Delivery of an Existing Program") is the delivery of a full program at a location other than the main campus. For two-year institutions, the main campus is defined as the institution's taxing district. When more than one-half of any academic program is offered off-campus, the CBHE must review and approve the institution's proposal for off-siote delivery of an existing academic program.

An external or instructional site is defined as an off-campus location in which face-to-face instruction of programs or courses is delivered. This includes dual credit courses offered at high schools regardless of location.  Additionally, Section 163.191.4 RSMo requires that community colleges offering courses or programs outside their taxing district must have prior approval from the CBHE. Per CBHE policy, prior approval is met when the following conditions exist:

  • Credit courses delivered at external sites are posted on a website using a common format for the state.
  • public institutions communicate openly with other public institutions when plans to deliver a course at an external site are at a location that has traditionally been considered to be within the service region of another public institution.
  • Institutions openly share information with regional consortia as appropriate.
  • Institutions resolve any differences regarding teh appropriateness of course delivery at external sites.

Off-site proposals must be submitted by using the same format and forms as a New Program Proposal except:

  1. An Off-site Proposal form (Form OS) replaces the Form NP
  2. Unless the program is also new to the main campus, no details on program structure ( or Form PS) is required