2013 Nursing Education Grant Recipients

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Missouri Board of Nursing announce the following recipients of grants to expand and enhance nursing education in Missouri:

Avila University ($150,000)

  • Increase the admission capacity of its nursing program by 25 percent with the admission of 14 additional students over the next two years; elevate the academic stature of the program; and improve the quality of the program by hiring two additional full-time, doctoral-prepared faculty members to support the additional students.

Maryville University ($150,000)

  • Increase the educational capacity of its bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program by adding two full-time equivalent (FTEs) nursing faculty needed to balance the use of adjunct faculty and address faculty overload and provide scholarships to augment Jonas Scholars for completion of doctoral degrees by faculty.

St. Charles Community College ($142,260)

  • Increase the capacity of its associate degree in nursing (ADN) program by integrating technology into the multi-disciplinary teaching strategy for the program; add faculty/staff to support integration of technology into the curriculum to increase participant numbers and success of program participants; and acquire state-of-the-art simulation software/equipment.

Truman State University ($150,000)

  • Expand its accelerated bachelor of science in nuursing (ABSN) program capacity to meet increased demand; create market-competitive salary and benefit packages needed to attract and retain highly qualified faculty for didactic and clinical teaching; add at least two clinical/instructional adjunct faculty positions to increase the frequency of nursing course offerings; expand clinical sites and partnerships; and increase recruitment efforts for prospective ABSN students.

University of Missouri -Columbia ($150,000)

  • Advance professional nursing in health professional shortage areas in rural Missouri; provide 10 scholarships to enable associate-degree prepared nurses residing in rural Missouri to obtain a bachelor’s degree; expand distance education teaching modalities through software purchases and classroom upgrades; and provide scholarship support for six doctoral students to prepare to be teachers of nursing with competence in online/distance education.

University of Missouri-St. Louis ($139,276)

  • Increase faculty resources and student capacity in its undergraduate nursing program, including hiring one full-time faculty member to expand the number of bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) seats for well-qualified pre-licensure students by 32, and increase the number of nursing faculty prepared at the doctoral level by providing scholarships or traineeships for faculty with commitment to teach in a Missouri school of nursing for a minimum of three years after degree completion.

William Jewell College ($118,464)

  • Increase enrollment capacity of its bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) program by 10 students in conjunction with the expansion of clinical placement through development of new clinical partnerships with rural hospitals and simulation experiences for area nursing schools; increased laboratory/simulation space and equipment necessary to bridge the gap between learned lab skills and safe clinical practice; and provide scholarships for faculty graduate education with commitment to teach in a Missouri school of nursing for a minimum of three years after degree completion.