Missouri Board of Nursing Announces 2012 Grant Recipients

The Missouri Board of Nursing announced the following recipients of grants to expand and enhance nursing education in Missouri:

Lincoln University ($124,115)

  • Increase the number of baccalaureate prepared nurses by 60 annually by transitioning the existing Associate of Applied Science (AAS) nursing degree program to a generic 4-year baccalaureate nursing program; and provide support to increase the number of master’s prepared nursing faculty by two and the number of doctoral prepared nursing faculty by two.

Missouri State University ($144,134)

  • Increase capacity in the BSN completion program by at least 40 students annually by offering courses at additional entry points; and provide additional support services in the online program that are essential for student engagement, success, and retention.

Research College of Nursing ($148,032)

  • Increase capacity in both the traditional BSN and the 12-month accelerated BSN by 20 students; purchase three additional simulators to enhance the quality of clinical experiences; and support additional faculty development in pediatrics and mother/baby clinical and content areas.

Truman State University($150,000)

  • Graduate at least 10-15 additional nursing students by launching three foundational courses online to assist Truman and other students in transferring to the accelerated BSN program; expand clinical sites and partnerships; and add adjunct clinical and instructional faculty members.

University of Missouri-St. Louis ($149,978)

  • Expand the number of BSN seats by 32 by hiring one full-time faculty member; provide release time for current faculty to complete work towards a doctorate with a commitment to teach in Missouri for a minimum of three years; and provide scholarships for additional doctoral students.

University of Central Missouri ($131,266)

  • Increase the number of BSN students by 20; develop effective pathways for military veterans to obtain BSN degrees; expand the number of clinical sites through military/veteran partnerships involving Whiteman Air Force Base and the Department of Veterans Affairs; and increase the use of simulation technology.

University of Missouri -Columbia ($150,000)

  • Provide scholarships to 9 doctoral students preparing to be teachers of nursing with special emphasis on underrepresented and disadvantaged students; and expand clinical simulation equipment with emphasis on three vulnerable groups – children, older adults, and diverse individuals.