Instructions and Application Materials

All application materials, including the complete application and all data forms, are available in an electronic format. This page includes links to all of these documents, downloading instructions, and tips for using the documents. If you have problems with or questions about downloading and completing the electronic forms, please call certification program staff (573) 751-2361 or contact us electronically using the recertification information request form.

Downloading Instructions

Two different sets of application materials are available, based on the type of certificate of approval issued to the school. To view and download the available applications and forms, simply click on the corresponding link on the appropriate page listed below.

To offer instruction in Missouri
Application materials for schools offering instruction in Missouri (DHE 300A)

To recruit students from Missouri
Application materials for schools that only recruit students from Missouri (DHE 600A)

Both applications are viewable using your Internet browser. In addition, all documents (applications and data forms) may be downloaded to your computer in at least one of three file formats. These include Portable Document Format (pdf), Microsoft Word (doc), or Microsoft Excel (xls). To view or use some of these documents may require the installation of additional software.

Usage Tips and Suggestions

To assist you in downloading, completing and printing the electronic materials available from this site, certification program staff have developed some tips and suggestions. If you have problems with or questions about the electronic applications and data forms, please visit this page before contacting us with a question.

If you cannot find an answer to your question on the website or have other questions about the recertification application and/or process, please feel free to contact us by using our recertification information request form.