High school seniors are busy making plans for the future. So, what are your plans?


Will you be attending college or career or technical school? Have you applied and been accepted?


Once you decide where you will attend, be sure to complete any requirements necessary to officially enroll by the school's deadline. Most schools ask that you notify them by May 1 of your plans to enroll for the fall semester.


If you haven't applied to college or been admitted, it's not too late. Get started today!


Many high school in Missouri will host Decision Day events in 2017 to celebrate their seniors' plans for college or military service. Even if your school isn't participating, you can join the celebration by telling us about your plans on Facebook and Twitter using #MODecisionDay, #IDecided, or #Classof2017.


As you finalize plans for college, be sure to complete the FAFSA and learn more about student financial aid to help you pay for higher education.


Remember, smart financial decisions are an important part of planning for your future.