Helping students make wise borrowing decisions and establish healthy repayment habits is critical to the individual success of Missouri's students as well as to the overall long-term economic health of the state and the nation.

To keep delinquency and default rates as low as possible in Missouri, the MDHE established a Default Prevention Grant program in 2001. Since then, the MDHE has helped more than 50 postsecondary institutions implement and sustain debt management programs, financial literacy workshops, student success and retention efforts, and default prevention activities.

Since the program's inception, the MDHE has awarded nearly $10 million to Missouri institutions. Official two-year CDRs for 2011 as well as official three-year CDRs for 2010 became available in September of 2013.

2014-15 Grant administrative documents

Missouri schools awarded grants for the 2014-2015 academic year should use the following forms:

Default prevention training

Institutions do not have to participate in the Default Prevention Grant Program to receive MDHE default prevention training. To schedule training, complete the online speaking event form.

For more information, contact:

Marilyn Landrum ([email protected])
Sarah Schedler ([email protected])