Partners for Prosperity

St. Louis Community College and Rawlings Develop Emerging Leaders

St. Louis Community College and Rawlings, the major manufacturer of baseball equipment, are joining forces to create an all-star team of future leaders. The company worked with the college’s Workforce Solutions Group, with funding assistance from the Missouri Customized Training Grant program, to develop its own training program for emerging leaders.  

The first group of 13 associates has completed the program’s three integrated training components:  Leadership Development, Leadership Training and Executive Development. 

Rawlings has teamed with St.  Louis Community College to develop its own training program for emerging  leaders.
To maximize the emerging leaders’ high potential for taking on current and future business challenges, they are matched with internal mentors. Their training goes beyond the traditional classroom to encompass hands-on learning and research.

“In my estimation, the Emerging Leaders program has been a tremendous success for our company,” said Brian Dale Josephson, Jarden Team Sports chief financial officer and program mentor.  “The program has been a great help to our organization on multiple fronts. The company has benefited from the emerging leaders’ implementation of key initiatives to drive improved company results.”

Josephson noted that the program has provided an important growth platform for future leaders in the organization, and also has provided participants learning opportunities and greater interaction with executive staff. In turn, executive staff members, he said, have benefited from emerging leaders’ passion and desire to implement improvements.

For more information about this program, visit, or contact Katie Chambers at or 314-539-5309.