October 21, 2011

Jefferson City - A new grant is available for students who score well on advanced placement exams in math and science. The Advanced Placement Incentive Grant provides a one-time award of $500 for college-related expenses.

Commissioner of Higher Education David Russell says the grants are intended to attract high-achieving students to math and science.

"We know that high-paying jobs are available in math, science and technology fields," Russell said, "but Missouri and the U.S. lag behind other countries in the production of graduates in these disciplines. Much as we stepped up growth in the number of scientists following Russia's launch of Sputnik in 1957, we must look to the technological needs of the future and prepare our students to successfully compete in a global economy."

To be eligible for the grant, students must:

  • Achieve two grades of three or higher on Advanced Placement exams in the fields of math and/or science while attending a Missouri public high school.
  • Receive an award under the Access Missouri Student Financial Assistance Program or the A+ Scholarship Program in the academic year in which the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant is awarded. Students who are eligible for the Access Missouri or A+ Scholarship programs but have a calculated award amount of zero are eligible for the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant.
  • Submit a complete application for the Advanced Placement Incentive Grant.

Students must submit an Advanced Placement Incentive Grant application by June 1, 2012 for the 2011-2012 academic year. The application must include:

  • Certification of eligibility from the postsecondary school the student is attending.
  • A copy of the Advanced Placement Score Report from the College Board.

Awards are made directly to the postsecondary institution on the student's behalf.

Additional information on applying for the grants can be found on the MDHE website, www.dhe.mo.gov