BRANSON, Mo. - A new online resource is now available to assist Missouri colleges and universities to implement the recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Campus Security. The Homeland Security Higher Education Subcommittee Website,, was launched Thursday at the 2nd Annual Missouri Conference on Coordinated School and College Safety and Security.

This comprehensive Website includes multi-disciplinary information covering such topics as mental health challenges, law enforcement initiatives, curriculum development, IT, communication, planning, exercises and training, and legislation. Government policymakers, campus administrators, faculty, staff, students, parents, first responders, and community-based groups committed to making Missouri colleges and universities safe places to grow and learn will find best practices, opportunities for funding and networking, and examples of current challenges.

"Maximizing safety and security throughout our higher education system is a challenging endeavor," states Higher Education Commissioner, Dr. Robert Stein. "While campuses are relatively safe places, every campus, regardless of its size, can benefit from increased attention to safety and security issues and challenges so it is well prepared prior to, during, and after its next emergency."

The Website is maintained by the Higher Education Subcommittee of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HES HSAC). Safety considerations and plans of action for colleges and universities require focused attention. The subcommittee serves as a formal venue for continued conversations, collects relevant and current data, and identifies best practices surrounding preparation, response, and recovery for all campus emergencies. The group includes representatives from the public and independent education sectors, mental health, local law enforcement, fire safety, campus security, faculty, administration, and state government.

HES-HSAC encourages active engagement and constructive feedback in helping to evolve this dynamic Website.