The Imperatives for Change (IFC) Baseline Report is the culmination of a year of collaborative work among MDHE staff, institutional leaders and staff, and other valued stakeholders. The Baseline Report establishes the starting point for Missouri's statewide strategic plan for higher education, and includes four sections that contain baseline data information, expanded data and analysis, technical methodologies and data definitions, and institutional-specific performance measures selected and agreed upon by public two-year and four-year institutions. The IFC Baseline Report is comprised of the four following sections:

  1. Baseline Data- The Baseline Data section has a single page for each indicator with available data, and includes baseline data for the most recent year, benchmarks presented in tables and/or charts, and summary bullets.

  2. Fact Book - The Fact Book includes additional Excel worksheets detailing each indicator, e.g. disaggregated and trend data, where available. Tabs are also referenced on each page in the Baseline Data section, and an interactive index also links to the tabs. The Fact Book is attached as a zip file which can be downloaded to your computer to be viewed. In order for hyperlinks between files to function the whole folder must be unzipped, not just individual files. Most computers have files extractors, but if you are in need of the WinZip file extractor you can download it here:

  3. Technical Manual - The Technical Manual identifies the specific data sources used to report each indicator for which data is currently available and briefly summarizes reporting methodology as well as relevant definitions.

  4. Institutional-Specific Performance Measures - Institutional Performance Measures were mutually agreed upon by the CBHE and the state's public institutions. This summary lists the two measures for each institution, and includes baseline data for each measure listed. Note that due to available data for each measure the "baseline year" will vary by institution and measure.