Higher Education Funding Formula Task Force

At its April 12, 2007, meeting, the CBHE charged the Commissioner of Higher Education with appointing a task force to develop new higher education funding policies. Those new policies should provide the basis for requesting and distributing higher education appropriations in a consistent, policy-driven manner. The Board specifically directed that the task force should include representatives from Governor Blunt's office, the two- and four-year sectors, the legislature, and MDHE staff. Commissioner Dr. Robert B. Stein appointed the members of the task force, commonly referred to as the "HEF" (Higher Education Funding) Task Force, and named MDHE Deputy Commissioner Paul Wagner as its chairman. The recommendations of the task force will undergo review by COPHE, MCCA, and Linn State prior to being shared with the CBHE Presidential Advisory Committee and forwarded to the CBHE for review and action. The task force is working to complete its recommendations by June 2008 in time to impact the FY 10 higher education budget request.

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Higher Education Funding Task Force

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Higher Education Funding Task Force

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