The Missouri Department of Higher Education has supported a broad range of initiatives by institutions, organizations, and other stakeholders to strengthen assessment of student learning across postsecondary education in the state.

While the MDHE does not directly mandate any specific student assessment, a robust culture of assessment at the postsecondary level is encouraged by the Coordinating Board for Higher Education, as well as directed and evaluated by institutional accreditors and other state agencies responsible for professional licensure. The MDHE has also coordinated state initiatives designed to promote meaningful student assessment, and the Department annually collects data to measure the scope of student assessment across public institutions.

Guiding Principles on Assessment

Recently, MAC has worked collaboratively to develop and publish a statement of Guiding Principles on Assessment, designed to provide guidance regarding assessment policy, purposes, and appropriate use.

Missouri Assessment Consortium

The MDHE is also a participant in the Missouri Assessment Consortium, an independent forum for discussion of "issues and importance of stability and advancement of higher education assessment".

Committee on Curriculum and Assessment (CCA)

Multi-State Collaborative Initiative